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Wednesday 13 July 2016

Mother and Baby Walking Group gets off to a Flying Start


Crewe Mums and babies are benefitting from a 24 week fitness programme funded by Active Cheshire, starting with a walking group called ‘Happy Feet’.

Local Community Organisation, Motherwell CIC, have received funding to advertise, organise and deliver the programme in Crewe and Winsford for Mums in the area.

Active Cheshire work with a wide range of health, sport, education, environment, transport and business partners to find new ways of enabling people to get active on a regular basis.

Initially aimed at young Mums, the programme has now welcomed Mums of all ages, with their babies, to participate in the weekly walk.

The Mums have completed their first walk and will continue to use Crewe’s beautiful setting of Queens Park as Monday afternoon’s base for future ‘Happy Feet’ sessions, part of Rise and Shine Challenge.

After six weeks, the Mums will move to meet at The Georges in Crewe for free Mother and Baby Yoga classes.

Mums across the area are encouraged to join the group at any point during the programme, taking the first step to meeting new people and improving fitness.

Laura Brown, from Nantwich, said: “I loved Baby Massage when I tried that, but it became too expensive. This Motherwell initiative gets rid of the expense barrier, because it’s funded by Active Cheshire.

“I’m looking forward to the whole programme as this will be the first step to me running again and getting back to the level of fitness that I used to have.”

Kate Blakemore, co-founder of Motherwell CIC, said: “Motherhood can at times be isolating and this initiative will bring Mums together and hopefully encourage them to use our other services, all of which support their wellbeing.

“The idea behind it is that it works towards getting the Mums outdoors and improve their fitness, while also increasing their support network. We hope that from here they will continue to meet without Motherwell intervention.”

Motherwell CIC work with Mums across the region to support women in their mothering journey, with a focus on health and wellbeing. They hold monthly Sparkle and Shine Wellbeing Days in Crewe, Winsford and soon coming to Nantwich, which support Mums in relaxation and taking time for themselves as well as free post-natal counselling for Mums suffering with anxiety.

Anne Boyd, Chief Executive at Active Cheshire, said: “At such a pivotal point in a women's life, it is increasingly important to be both mentally and physically well. Active Cheshire are increasingly aware of the need to support organisations like Motherwell to offer valuable and cohesive support packages, whilst promoting the wider benefits of physical activity.”

An Awards Evening to commemorate those Mums who complete this programme will be held, with players from Crewe Alexandra Ladies presenting the certificates.

Katie Nuttall, a Crewe Alexandra player, said: “We fully support this initiative, anything that is getting people more active is a good thing. Young Mums especially are a huge target group more likely to drop out of sport due to increased responsibilities and and lack of provision for going to gyms.”

Another up-coming and glamorous event hosted by Motherwell is The Glitter Ball. It is a chance for Mums to pamper themselves and dress up for a buffet meal and disco to be held at Crewe Alexandra Football Club on Saturday September 10th.

Tickets for this all-women event can be purchased at £25 per person. All money raised from The Glitter Ball will be put back into the Post-Natal element of Motherwell CIC.

If you are interested in being part of any of these events, please contact Kate Blakemore on 07734868325 or email

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