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Tuesday 17 September 2013

Cheshire Police focus on alcohol harm prevention


Cheshire Police will be taking part in a national initiative this week to raise awareness about the harm that alcohol can do in communities and the impact alcohol-related incidents and crime has on police resources.

With the rise in alcohol abuse amongst young people, there will be a number of initiatives taking place. Licensing officers will be making visits to licensed premises and talking to licensees about underage drinking, warning them that they could face fines or the possibility of losing their licenses if they sell alcohol to the underage. But equally, those who buy alcohol on behalf of underage youngsters will also be fined.

Assistant Chief Constable Janette McCormick said:

"We want to use this week to highlight the harm caused by alcohol and how this can impact on communities where much of violent crime is alcohol-related. "Totally Wasted" places a focus on wasted "police time" in that police have to deal with alcohol fuelled violent crime and anti-social behaviour during the night time economy which is an increasing problem in towns and cities. Alcohol harm messages are also being delivered via our local officers to fresher′s fairs and alcohol talks to local schools and colleges across the county."

Police officers and staff will deliver ‘Totally Wasted′ into college and university fresher′s fairs where many young people are moving away from home for the first time. ‘Totally Wasted′ is Cheshire Police′s alcohol awareness initiative - which educates young people to the dangers of alcohol abuse. It educates young people around the harm that alcohol causes and delivers key alcohol messages in the form of face to face alcohol talks to schools and colleges and universities.

Alcohol abuse can ‘totally waste′ public service time and tax payers′ money by tying up vital police resources on patrol; in custody suites and is responsible for many emergency hospital admissions. Cheshire Police officers and staff will be focusing on operations and initiatives that target those people who abuse alcohol and commit crime or anti-social behaviour and bring them to account for their irresponsible actions.

Cheshire Police are saying "don′t totally waste your money, drinking to excess not only wastes your money, it can affect your behaviour and your memory putting you at risk and in danger of becoming a victim of crime, getting involved in anti-social behaviour or committing a crime. If you are planning a night out, and see a police officer on the street, make sure that your night isn′t totally wasted by a night in a police cell."

Throughout the week the police will be releasing information on incidents they are called to deal with via their Twitter feed which will enable people to build an insight into just how many incidents that officers and staff from Cheshire Police are called to deal with that are alcohol-related, and local officers will be tweeting across the neighbourhood policing units and from custody suites.

To follow what happens throughout the week, search on #alcoholharm and #totallywasted. You can read more information about ‘Totally Wasted′ by visiting

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