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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Get a new free boiler from Phoenix Gas

If you are on lots of benefits its possible to get a free boiler from Phoenix Gas services
•    Child tax credit
•    Income related support
•    Job seekers allowance
•    Employment support
•    State pension credit
•    Working tax credit
Contact them on 01782 564448.
You get a free replacement boiler which is normally a new comby  so you don’t have a hot water tank any more and it will save you money as its more efficient.
Whats the Catch
From personnel experience you do get the boiler and thermostats put on the radiators all very good but there can be a sting in the tail. First they don’t tell you it may take two days and in this time you will have no heating we suffered two days at -3 temperatures. If we had been told in advance we could have done something. The biggest problem was one of the radiators broke and they refused to fix it so left us with no heat in the bedroom. They claim it was the higher pressure of the new boiler that did it. British gas have maintained our system for years and they came out and emptied the radiator and it was like oil coming out of it was black. They said the system hadn’t been flushed or it wouldn’t be like that.
They claim the radiator broke as they tightened the valve to hard as its rounded off. Phoenix Gas  refuse to answer emails and phoning to complain they said they would get back to us tomorrow that was days ago. What happens if you have a new boiler and all the radiators break and you have a young baby they could suffer. They also cracked our ceiling and wont do anything about that. They take the old tank away and the old pipes without your permission and British Gas says its worth over £50 but its your property. We were left with the boiler not knowing how to turn it on as the remote was knew and they didn’t know anything about it or how to set it up. They refused to make any comments about this article or answer any question fix our radiator or our ceiling

Update E.ON

Today E.ON  called about Phoenix Gas having seen the website as the free boiler scheme is run by them and its their reputation on the line and they are shocked by the problems there comments were

To  leave a pensioner without heat for 2 days at -5 isnt right a portable gas system should have been provided and they were concerned if there was a young a baby in the house it could have suffered or died being left with no heat.

The old boiler and copper tank and piping Phoenix claim its part of the deal they remove it. E.ON clearly stated this is theft as it is the property of the house owner its not in the contract and has a value up to £100 they will provide the contract if we wish to take this matter to court and they are concerned how much money the people have made out of this.

One radiator was blown and Phoenix left it claiming its nothing to do with them E.ON say they broke it they fix it you cant fit a new boiler and blow all the radiators and leave the property with no heat and the owner with no way of getting new radiators as they are on benefits. Its up to the company to do proper risk assessment.

The live electric cable that was safely behind a boiler before but is now exposed so a child or the dog could potentially be killed and Phoenix  said its nothing to do with them even though they wired it E.ON say that Health and Safety and lives are put at risk.

Cracked ceiling that Phoenix have not bothered with E.ON say clearly they broke it they fix it.

Gas pipes sticking out of the floor is both dangerous and  poor workmanship and not the way to do things.

As faults and complaints were emailed and phone calls made to Phoenix gas and they have not replied since March they found very bad service E.ON is now ringing customers about the service and getting a lot of complaints and they will contact Phoenix gas over these issues. Phoenix gas MD has now after all this time made an appointment to see me next week so we await an out come. If you have any complaints please use our form and we will pass it on to E.ON

 Another damaged radiator were the pipe was broke and they had to stick a bit in

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