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Saturday 9 March 2013

Constabulary supports International Women’s Day


Cheshire Constabulary is supporting International Women′s Day which is held annually on March 8th and celebrated globally.

To mark the event, a group of officers and police staff will be taking part in a street dance workshop at Police Headquarters to raise money for a local women′s charity.

Event organiser, Sergeant Kelly Rooke said: "International Women′s Day provides us with an opportunity to focus on issues that affect the women in our communities.

"It gives us the chance to ensure that women are afforded a bright future free from fear, harm and inequality.

"Small local events can have as much impact as large ones. Our dance workshop will seek to bring together women from different backgrounds for a few hours of exercise and fun.

"Behind the fun is a serious theme as we turn the spotlight onto domestic abuse. During the dance workshop, we will be raising funds for Crewe Women′s Aid which offers assistance to victims across Cheshire East.

"I would like to encourage everyone to stand up and help put an end to violence towards women."

Cheshire Police will also mark the event with the launch of ‘Twista Sister′, a new mentoring scheme for teenage girls.

The initiative is a joint enterprise with the Local Area Partnership at Cheshire East, providing guidance and support for young women.

In addition to one-to-one mentoring, the scheme also includes group events run by Manchester Metropolitan University and Cheshire Fire and Rescue.

Sergeant Lindsay Chamberlain has been involved with setting up the initiative.

She said: "I have been a mentor to several young women over the years and from this experience I understand how powerful mentoring can be.

"Putting this together with well-structured group activities, which will tackle issues such as alcohol related anti-social behaviour, will make the Twista Sister programme a balanced and inspiring adventure for both the students and the mentors."

Police & Crime Commissioner for Cheshire, John Dwyer fully supports International Women′s Day and is pleased with the Constabulary′s way of celebrating the day.

John said: "I hope that this year′s International Women′s Day theme encourages more women to report any violence committed against them.

"In Cheshire, I′m supporting the Speak Out campaign being run by Cheshire Constabulary which encourages people to report any type of abuse that is committed against them. I′m also supporting the Home Office′s Teenage Relationship Abuse campaign, encouraging young people to report violence and abuse."

For more information on Cheshire Constabulary′s ‘Speak Out′ campaign, visit

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