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Thursday 7 March 2013

Letter to the Editor


A Saving of £26 for every Council  taxpayer, thanks to the Government and the CE Council.

Dear Sir,

                Cheshire East Council should be congratulated on the Council Tax freeze for 2013/14, the third year of  no council tax increase, with a promise of another Council tax freeze next year. Thanks are also due to the Government for the £3.6 million grant over two years that allows the Council to not increase the Council Tax yet again. Without  the Government grant the average Council tax would had gone up by £26 over two years. What Cheshire East has done is in sharp contrast to those 40% of Councils elsewhere in the country who have declined the Government grant and  have put up the Council Tax instead. Shame on them. It beggars belief that these Councils constantly complain of Government cuts but then turn down millions of pounds of grants from the Government when they are offered.

Yours Faithfully
Cllr Brian Silvester
Willaston and Rope Ward Councillor


Anonymous said...

is the same council that is getting rid of a 1000 jobs, where staff at my daughters school have been told they are being sacked due to budget cuts,

Anonymous said...

Very Good. can you now tell me why the Police commissioner wants to put council tax up by 1.99% to pay for the police deficit budget ?