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Saturday 16 March 2013

50 Shades of Grey

The books 50 Shades of Grey is sweeping the world and in some places stores are running out of rope as women rush out the buy it to try some of the bondage in the book. Its often misunderstood art as people think of it as sadism but that is a separate thing. Bondage is a sensual act between two consenting adults and is general fun. Now its come locally to Facebook  so local people can discuss and post pictures meet up etc.

The Facebook page offers pictures, tutors for beginners  and stories. Its normally NOT porn as most of it is tastefully done. Because of the 50 Shades of Grey there is an explosion of websites on the subject and BBWs(Big Busty Women) are in very high demand  and the FB page offers people the chance to start there own website.

What is amazing is the money a housewife started a site from her own front room posting pictures and videos and she now sells from her site over 250,000 units a month. Some units may only be 50p for a photo but videos sell from £5-£20 so no matter how you work out that many units it’s a lot of money every month and as its hosted state side no income tax. So pop over to FB and see what its all about your Bound to Love it.   

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