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Thursday 2 May 2013

Commissioner Scrutinises Police Performance


John Dwyer, Police & Crime Commissioner for Cheshire today met with senior officers of the Constabulary to scrutinise police performance. On considering the information, John Dwyer said, "I am pleased to see that during the last year up to the end of March, crime has fallen by a further 5% compared to the year before. This means that there were 3250 fewer victims of crime. Crime is now at its lowest level in Cheshire since 1990 but I don′t want us to rest on our laurels. An important part of my role is to hold the Chief Constable to account on behalf of the people of Cheshire and I developed my Police and Crime Plan to do just that. In the Plan I said that I would work towards further driving down crime to make Cheshire an even safer place to live so there is still work to be done."

"I was a little disappointed to see that the number of crimes solved in the last year had fallen by 2% to 28% and I have been in discussions with the Chief Constable to make sure that this improves. People have told me that they want to see justice done when there is a crime committed against them. I do understand that some crimes are difficult to solve as often there is no way to trace the offender but I have asked for additional focus in this area of police business."

"I was pleased to see however, that the police have been working hard to address other areas which I gave priority to in my Plan. The proportion of anti-social behaviour incidents from a repeat caller or location have fallen showing that the police are doing more to solve long term community issues. This is reinforced by the percentage of the public who believe that the police are dealing with things that matter in the area has increased."

All of the documents and data considered at the Scrutiny Meeting are available on the Commissioner′s website.

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