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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Fire Brigade to the Rescue

You may remember the blocked fire escape in Oxford St we featured here were a builder had illegally fenced off land that doesnt belong to him and had blocked a fire exit to a new gym. This issue has been going on a long time and the council have not progressed it in over a year. the councils reply last week was
Dear all,
Unfortunately, the matter has not progressed further because improper maintenance of land is a low priority especially when there is unlikely to be a planning solution due to the land ownership issues.
I will, when workload allows, attempt to find out why the company have enclosed the area concerned and what their intentions are? We can only serve a notice on an owner or occupier – we would have to proved that the company are occupying the land.
Please note, from a planning perspective, I am not concerned about the security fence I am only interested in the domestic waste which has been dumped (more than likely by locals) on the area of land which formed part of the alleyway.
Craig Wilshaw
Senior Planning Officer (Enforcement)
Cheshire East Borough Council
Tel: 01270 686746
(Non-working day Monday)
I read that as the council puts human life as a very low priority as a blocked fire exit can get people killed is this an official council policy that human life is worthless or just one mans opinion ?

The Fire brigade on the other hand responded very quickly and took immediate  action 
Helen Crick
Communications Officer
Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service
Sadler Road
01606 868821
Was contacted on this matter and two days later the fence was moved back so the fir exit wasnt blocked any long. There is still an issue that they still have the fence on property they dont own and its full of rubbish which is both a Health and Fire risk. It does show that action can be swift and all that is needed is a simple phone call so why isnt the council picking up the phone and getting it sorted?

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