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Tuesday 25 September 2018

Immigration is one of the biggest concerns of the British people.

Over two thirds of Brits would like it to be reduced but under all the other parties it keeps on going up.

When Enoch Powell made his famous immigration speech 50 years ago the level of net population was 30,000 a year.

It is now a net 270,000 a year,nine times higher and that is just the official figure,

The actual figure, when you look at the number of national Insurance numbers that are handed out each year, is much higher,

MigrationWatch estimate that EU immigration into the UK may have been under-counted by as much as 50,000 a year.

And it is not just in the UK where electors are concerned about growing immigration.

Ever since Mrs Merkel unbelievably decided to open Germany's borders in 2015 and a million immigrants came in, immigration has been the main concern across Europe.

Countries like the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary have rightly refused the EU's demand to take in Muslim migrants.And now Italy are following their lead, with their new populist Government.

Last year in Hungary 98% voted to stop EU forcing them to take migrants they didn't want.

The turnout was 44% , which is higher than we get in local elections in the UK The Hungarian PM was then re-elected for the THIRD time with 67% of the vote.

The party in second place got just 13% of the vote. Viktor Orban is a true democrat but all the parties in UK Parliament and the EU call him a fascist, racist, Islamophobe, all the usual words of abuse from the left.

Orban is not a fascist.He is a democrat.

The fascists are those in the EU and the UK Parliament who are trying to overturn the biggest democratic vote in the history of our great country.

As Winston Churchill once said the "fascists of the future, will call themselves anti-fascists ."

So what would 'For Britain' do about immigration?

We would freeze immigration for a period of 5 years (this will not affect travel for business or leisure and temporary work visas may be issued during this time, if in the interests of the British people)

This has to be done. And the beauty of a freeze is that our critics cannot say it is aimed at certain countries or religions because everybody will be covered by the freeze.

This is the type of policy that the British people are crying out for but no other party, not even UKIP, will deliver.

The Tories talk tough on immigration. But for the last three General Elections they have promised  to get net immigration down to 100,000, but have failed miserably.

It has continued to rise.

The other parties,Labour Liberals,Scot Nats,Plaid and the Greens all quite openly state they want open door immigration to the UK. They would fling open the doors, like Merkel did in Germany, and tell anyone in the world they can just walk in and use our NHS, schools,social services etc

And millions more would come in.

If adding a city the size of Sunderland to the population of the UK each year was not bad enough it is estimated that there are over two million illegal immigrants in the UK.

Migration Watch estimate that each year as many as 150,000-250,000 foreign nationals fail to return home when they should or enter illegally, thus adding still further to the illegal migrant population of over 2 million.

Illegal immigrants should be deported and we must defend our borders from illegal immigration.

Yours faithfuly,

Cllr.Brian Silvester

For Britain Party

Chairman 'For Cheshire'

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