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Wednesday 11 July 2018

Homeless and armed forces personnel to get priority in new housing policy

Homeless people and armed forces personnel are to have a greater chance of being rehoused under Cheshire East Council’s new housing allocations policy, approved today (Tuesday).

Proposed changes, including priorities for the homeless and armed forces personnel, have been approved by the council’s cabinet.

Cheshire East is committed to putting its residents at the heart of council policy and continues to develop better outcomes for residents facing challenging circumstances.

The council’s revised ‘Common Allocations Policy’ aims to make the best use of social housing stock in the borough and give residents a place to live that supports their health and wellbeing and contributes to their quality of life.

While the council is not a housing stock holder authority it is responsible for the policy that determines eligibility.

In future, people assessed as not having security of tenure, who are living in over-crowded conditions, or whose current accommodation is affecting a diagnosed medical condition, will be placed in a higher category, including the homeless.

The revised policy will also give serving and former armed forces personnel, who are in housing need, placed in a higher category. 

Changes to local connection – where an applicant from outside the borough must prove a local connection with Cheshire East – have been approved meaning people seeking social housing will need to be resident in the borough for two years or have a local connection such as employment in the borough.

People allocated social housing will have to wait 12 months before applying for a move to different accommodation, unless there is a change in their circumstances.

Social housing providers will be expected to allocate an equal number of units in multiple-unit blocks of flats to tenants in employment.

All social housing tenants and residents awaiting allocation are advised to check as to how the changes may affect them.

Cheshire East Council believes that all its residents should have the opportunity to live in decent accommodation in a pleasant environment.  Last December the council adopted its strategy for tackling homelessness and also the council’s housing strategy, which outlined the long-term vision for increasing the number of new affordable homes.

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