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Thursday 17 November 2016

Crewe going down hill fast

I agree with my Labour political opponent that Crewe is going places.

Crewe is going down hill fast.

And the Labour run Town Council is doing nothing to arrest the spiral of decline.

Major stores like BHS and Marks and Spencer have gone, or are going,from the town centre.Crewe town centre is now dominated by phone shops,coffee shops,charity shops and pound shops.As a former Crewe Markert Trader myself,it saddens me that Crewe Market is now a sad reflection of the thriving market it used to be.

Most of the big shops in the town centre have decamped to the Grand Junction Retail Park in Earle Street where there are no car parking charges.

And don't start me on car parking charges. Sandbach, Middlewich and Alsager have not paid a penny piece in car parking charges since Cheshire East was formed in 2009. In that time Crewe residents have been forced to fork out several millions in car parking charges.. How can that be right or fair? But the Town Council shrug their shoulders and do nothing about it. 

It is about time we had a Town Council that stood up for the people of Crewe instead of acting like a docile poodle to Cheshire East.

The Town Council should be working with the owners of the empty shops in the town centre to get them let,even if it is just for a temporary basis for the Xmas period,to get some life back into the town centre.

The Town Council should be pressing Cheshire East to deliver on their broken promise of offering periods of free parking to get shoppers back into the town.

The electors in Crewe West have an opportunity on December 1st to vote UKIP to  ensure the Town Council is shaken out of its lethargy and we finally have a Town Council that is going to act in the interests of all the residents of Crewe.

Yours faithfully,

Cllr Brian Silvester

UKIP Candidate Crewe West.

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