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Saturday 5 November 2016

Are you prepared for winter driving?

Subject: Are you prepared for winter driving?

This is a message sent via Neighbourhood Watch. This information has been sent on behalf of Cheshire Constabulary

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Message sent by

Dan Hind (Police, Media, Chesh Engagement Unit)

As the cold nights start to draw in officers in Cheshire are reminding drivers to take extra care when driving in hazardous weather conditions.
Superintendent Martin Cleworth said: "It’s important that all drivers are aware that driving conditions may be more hazardous during the winter period. For example, road surfaces are more likely to be wet in the winter months, which can make them slippery and cause flying spray which is another hazard.
“There may also be patches of mist, fog and ice, all of which make driving more dangerous. To reduce these risks all drivers need to ensure there are aware of the current conditions and reduce their speed to allow for them."
“It’s also important that motorists ensure their vehicles are ready for the extra demands that will be placed on it over the winter period. I advise that all motorists take the following steps:
• Examine your tyres, they should be in good condition, have plenty of tread and be set at the correct pressures
• Check your oil levels
• Keep screen wash as full as possible and use correct additives
• Ensure your car windows and mirrors clean – keep a cloth handy
• Keep your vehicle fuel to a reasonable level with some spare capacity– remembering that journeys can take longer than usual
• Ensure that all screens and lights are clear of frost/snow prior to driving. (Be extra careful when defrosting the vehicle. Do not use boiling water)
• In severe conditions, question the need for the journey and avoid travelling wherever possible
• Carry a charged mobile phone, warm clothing, a torch, food and drink if you must make a journey in severe conditions. Let somebody know the details/times of your journey
• Listen to weather warnings on the radio prior to and during the journey
As well as taking extra care on the roads the force are also reminding motorists to ensure their vehicles are secure at all times.
Superintendent Cleworth added: "Opportunist thieves will see a cold spell of weather as a perfect opportunity to snatch a vehicle - especially if the driver has left the engine running and the car unattended whilst it’s defrosting.
"We are urging drivers across the county to remain security conscious and to take steps to reduce the chances of being targeted by thieves."
Further information about road safety and crime reduction can be found on the Cheshire Police website at

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