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Saturday 10 October 2015

415 EU citizens allocated social housing in Cheshire East in last 10 years.


UKIP Cllr Brian Silvester has criticised the amount of social housing in Cheshire East (CE) that is going to EU nationals.

He said, “In last 10 years 415 EU citizens have been allocated social housing in Cheshire East and there are another 401 on the waiting list. At the present time there is a huge demand for social housing. There are 7067 on the waiting list, including 1508 over age 55 and 16 ex armed services (See attachment and below)

I think priority should be given to British born residents. It is the policy of UKIP that those coming to work in the UK should have accommodation arranged before they come. They should not be taking up homes that should be for the local population, most of which have lived in the area all their lives. I feel particularly strongly about EU citizens being given priority for over member of the armed services who are seeking accommodation. The armed services risk their lives to protect us and it is our duty to look after them when they are in need.

Sadly whilst we are a member of the EU,citizens of the EU have the same right to apply for social housing as the indigenous population. We can only change that by voting to leave the EU when the referendum comes.”

Cllr Brian Silvester

UKIP Councillor

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