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Tuesday 16 December 2014

Council Officer £30,000 pay increase

Council Officer in charge of failed Local plan set to get a £30,000 salary increase plus a £10,000 performance bonus.

You could not make it up !!!

The UKIP Group on Cheshire East Council (CEC) have blasted the proposal by the Conservative Group to promote the officer in charge of the failed Local Plan, increasing her salary by up to £30,000 (from £90,000) per year plus a £10,000 performance bonus!!

(See link

UKIP Group Leader Cllr Brian Silvester said," The Conservative Councillors have left leave of their senses. The failed Local Plan has cost £3.7m and has taken over 5 years and the officer in charge is set to be promoted and given a performance bonus !! Far from being promoted she should be sacked. She has left the good people of Cheshire East to the tender mercies of the developers. Precious green fields are being concreted over because of this self inflicted planning fiasco. For years the Council Leader and Council Officers has been saying that CEC has a 5 year supply of housing land but now they are openly admitting that they do not have a 5 year supply, after the Local Plan was rubbished by the Planning Inspector.The consequence of that is developers cannot believe their luck as they get permission after permission on green fields.

The other opposition groups on the Council have not said they are opposed to the proposed promotion and huge pay increase, just that it needed more discussion. The opposition groups are compromised because they have all accepted additional responsibility allowances from Cllr Jones and they are afraid they will lose their extra salaries if they are too critical of the controlling Conservative Group. The UKIP Group do not receive ANY extra responsibility allowances.

UKIP are opposed to bloated Council salaries and will not support increases like this. UKIP believe that it is wrong that the Chief Executive should be paid more than the Prim Minister and we will seek to reduce these huge CEC salaries and use the savings to improve the services for local people."

Deputy UKIP Group Leader Cllr. Andy Barratt said, “Conservative Councillors are stopping the extra weekend payments of Sports Centre staff but its alright to pay senior managers more. Tory Councillors have had over £150000 pay for their involvement in the Alternative Delivery Vehicles and other Responsibility Allowances, just for themselves, lining their pockets before retirement."

Best wishes

Brian Silvester
Cllr Brian Silvester BA (Hons)

Leader of the UK Independence Party Group

Willaston and Rope Ward Councillor

Cheshire East Council

11 Rimsdale Close



Tel/fax 01270 567757

Text     07760147609


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