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Tuesday 4 March 2014

Gypsy and Traveller provision


It is national policy that as part of the local plan we are required to identify  a five year land supply for the  provision of Gypsy and Travellers and Travelling show people sites.

As part of a sub regional and pan Cheshire approach we have jointly commissioned a Gypsy and Travellers Needs Assessment to establish the need across the sub region and Cheshire East have also engaged an independent external consultant to undertake a site identification study to establish suitable sites across the authority..

This report is in its final stages and no decision has yet been taken. Once a suitable list of  sites has been established then the report will form part of the Local Plan evidence base and will be available to the public..

It is a very difficult discussion around Traveller sites and we are being very sensitive to this. I am pleased that we have received numerous sites from the private sector and these have been examined. Once the report has been published a clear debate will be undertaken and through the planning process  consultation  with stakeholders and the public will be undertaken .

There has been some confusion on a site mentioned in the Memorandum Of Understanding with Stockport. I am happy to clarify the mistake by a Councillor.

There are no sites in Cheshire East for Gypsy and Travellers at Handforth or Wilmslow. There have been sites proposed but the independent consultant has ruled these out.

There is a site still under consideration which is Council owned land, which is based within the boundary of  Stockport. This site would require  cooperation with Stockport to deliver, especially on planning and access. The report will be released as soon as possible.

Councillor Michael Jones


Cheshire East Council

Tel : 01270 686011

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