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Tuesday 19 November 2013

Call not to have open door to Romanian and Bulgarian migrants in 2014

On the 1st January 2014 Romanian and Bulgarian citizens will be totally free to enter the UK. Earlier this year Migration Watch, a think tank which has a good record of forecasting migration, published figures, suggested that 50,000 Romanians and Bulgarians a year will come here.This would equate to around 2000 coming to Cheshire East in the next seven years. There are already several thousand  East Europeans, mainly Polish, in our major towns like Crewe, Congleton and Macclesfield. Parts of towns like Crewe have been transformed since 2004 and the local population, who have lived there all their lives, feel rightly aggrieved. Nobody asked them if they wanted this major change on their doorstep. This can only get worse  with an open door to thousands of Romanians and Bulgarians.

In Kent it has been estimated that the additional pressures placed on local authorities, schools, social service, the NHS and doctor services could cost the Council an additional £3million a year. Even now in Cheshire East many local schools are oversubscribed, it is difficult to get to see a doctor and thousands are unemployed. Allowing the free entry of thousands of migrants, from mainly impoverished Eastern European countries can only make these problems worse. Some senior politicians are stating that this latest influx of migrants could even lead to civil unrest in some of our towns.

I am calling on all the Cheshire East MPs  to urge the Prime Minister, even at this late stage, to consider enacting the emergency provisions buried deep in European Union (EU) treaties to prevent giving an open door to Romanians and Bulgarians from the 1st of January 2014. In the longer term the only way to get control again of our borders and immigration is to leave the EU.The only party who are committed to do that is UKIP. Local people should vote UKIP at every opportunity to get the control of their country and its borders back again.

Yours faithfully,
Cllr Brian Silvester BA (Hons) (Photo attached)

Willaston and Rope Ward UKIP Councillor

Cheshire East Council

11 Rimsdale Close



Tel/fax 01270 567757

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