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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Ten Autumn Crime Prevention Tips

1.        Invest in some timer switches which you can set up to allow lights to come on in your property whilst no one is home.  If you are habitually out at certain times consider changing the times that the lights come on and off every so often so there isn’t an obvious pattern.
2.        Ensure that boundaries around your property remain in good repair this includes fences, hedges and any other vegetation.  As trees, plants and hedges lose their foliage take time to check your property for any thin or weak spots that could offer easy access to your garden and take steps to rectify these immediately.
3.        After getting your garden ready for the autumn/winter months securely lock away all your tools.  Tools that are left lying around can be used to assist in committing a crime on your property or a neighbour’s property.
4.        Take a look around your property and identify any areas where you could improve your security - aim to tackle these issues sooner rather than later.  Unfortunately, most people only seriously consider their security after they have become a victim of crime.
5.        Close your curtains when it is dark.  Brightly lit rooms draw the eye of passers by offering an ideal opportunity for people to see what you have inside your home at a glance.
6.        As town centre’s start to get busier in the months running up to Christmas they can be targeted by pickpockets.  Be mindful where you keep your purse and wallet.  Purses should be secured in your handbag; handbags should always be fully shut and worn to your front.  Wallets should never be kept in back pockets.  Bear this advice in mind when attending other busy upcoming events such as a local bonfire/fireworks display.
7.        In the run up to bonfire night encourage neighbour’s to report any unofficial bonfires that appear to be sprouting up so that they can be removed by the authorities.
8.        Good lighting is a beneficial investment as burglars hate it as they want to operate unseen.  Motion sensor lights are a good option as they come on when they detect movement and can be positioned to cover vulnerable areas.  It is also possible to purchase dusk till dawn lights which come on when it goes dark and turn themselves off in the morning so can be used to light specific points on a permanent basis
9.        As the weather becomes colder and more frosty don’t be tempted to leave your vehicle unattended whilst defrosting your vehicle.  Many motorists will either leave their vehicle insecure or will lock the doors with a spare key whilst they go inside.  Remember it only takes a matter of seconds for a thief to drive away with your car.  If you are unable to place your car in a garage or a car port ensure that you stay with the car while it defrosts or invest in a protective sheet so the windscreen does no get frosted up.
10.        Darker nights afford criminals the opportunity to be less visible whilst they engage in crime.  Ask all members to be vigilant and to report any suspicious behaviour directly to the police.

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