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Tuesday 8 May 2012

Over 350,000 pc could be taken off line

Last November law enforcement officials took down a ring of Estonian cyber criminals that operated malicious software called DNSChanger. DNSChanger works by quietly changing the DNS servers in your computer, and then redirecting you to fraudulent versions of the websites you trust. In total, the scam netted the criminals $14 million.

The authorities had no way to identify and notify those who were infected that they needed to disinfect and change their DNS, so they were forced to clean up and takeover the crime ring's servers in order to prevent disruption in Internet service for millions of people. But, the law enforcement officials are planning to take these servers offline in July, and there are still an estimated 350,000 people who could get knocked offline. You can check you pc here to see if you are infected.

If you find your infected Computer Services can help you ring 07941728819 they can remove the threat and do all pc and internet repairs. For more details on the infection Google dns changer

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