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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Golden Days - But Not for Thieves


Cheshire Police are asking people to make sure the Olympic Torch relay is not a ‘golden′ opportunity for criminals.

Assistant Chief Constable Janette McCormick said, "The Olympic Torch passing through Cheshire is probably a ‘once in a lifetime′ event. It is a great opportunity for people to share in something very special and it should be a fun occasion for everyone. We don′t want to see people′s pleasure spoiled by having cash or property stolen.

"We will pull out all the stops to make sure the event passes without trouble but if everyone takes a few simple precautions they can prevent any possible distress."

Crowds are expected to turn out to see the torch carried through Chester, Crewe, Congleton, Macclesfield, Knutsford, Runcorn, Widnes, and Warrington, between May 29th and May 31st. Thousands more will turn out for a special celebration event at Chester Racecourse on the evening of May 29th.

A.C.C McCormick said, "Criminals see a crowd as an opportunity. That is especially true when something exciting is attracting people′s attention and they are likely to be a bit more careless than usual. We are asking everyone to spend a few seconds thinking about the possibilities. A few very basic precautions will deter most thieves."

To achieve a ‘personal best′ in crime prevention, start at the beginning.

· When you leave home:

Make sure you lock up. Close all windows and set security alarms.

· When you park:

Remove valuables from your vehicle, including any detachable satnav and CD

player; smart phone ipod or laptop.

Do not leave any valuables on show.

Take cash and cards with you.

If you lock anything in the boot, check that no-one is watching you.

Lock your car and make sure the sunroof is shut.

· Watching the Torch:

Make sure your wallet or purse is safe in a pocket where it is not easily accessible.

If you have a bag, keep it zipped up and carry it where you can see it. Avoid putting it


Keep your mobile phone safe and use it discreetly. Phones are a target for thieves.

Do not text and walk. Your attention will be diverted and the phone will be easy to


If you are taking pictures with an expensive camera keep a firm hold on it and use it

discreetly. They are also targeted by criminals.

Stay Aware! You may become aware that you are being watched and the fact that

you look alert and confident will deter thieves.

As well as protecting yourself from crime, precautions against the weather are a

good idea. If the recent hot weather persists, make sure you have the right clothes to

prevent sunburn and wear a hat. Use a sun block and drink plenty of water.

The Olympic Torch moves into Chester city centre in the late afternoon of Tuesday May 29th and the event at Chester Racecourse continues through the evening.

For details of the times the torch will be in an area near you, see your local council website.

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