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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Dangerous Fence Again


Going Back to 2010 this site in Oxford St was reported to the council as being a danger to the public. Many times since then it has been reported and it get a temporary fix. Well surprise surprise its back again. You can see the deadly fence across a public right of way with razor like spikes on the top. The path isnt lit at night so you can soon have your eyes out or worse if you go down at night.

Not only that as you can see its a place were people dump rubbish of all sorts so its a health issue as well, add to that the fire risk as this was once a church that got burnt down.

The site hasnt been touched since 2010 and now just a dangerous dump. The fence is a temporary fence that needs constant adjustment to keep it safe. As there has been no work for years then the owners must be forced to put up a proper permanent fence that is safe for residents and school children going to school before a child is hurt or killed

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