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Sunday 13 May 2012

The most craze thing ever?


Coming back from the shop on Friday I saw 4 people in florescent jackets I assume from the council and a Police officer on the Derby Docks. One ran onto the grass shout found some. I couldn't stop as I was in a hurry. What could it be are they after Bin Laden, drugs, machine guns, bombs?

No they have gone all over the Docks and surrounding streets spraying dog mess with purple paint as you can see in the picture. They covered the Docks field and the flats and paths at least. Can someone explain the point of this totally useless exercise? How much has it cost the tax payer for them to do this? We all agree dog owners should pick up their mess no argument but what is solved by spraying the mess purple? if they picked it up then there would be a point to it but to just leave it there sprayed purple  is the daftest thing ever. Some of what they did was under bushes and so small you need a magnifying glass to see it. Everyone in the area can not believe what they have done and why did they need a police officer with them?

Comments on this please

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