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Tuesday 16 March 2010

Dangersous path

There is a footpath from davenport ave., crewe to gresty that runs along gresty brook. Behind 43 charlcote crescent there is a very sharp, deep and slippery fall to the brook. There used to be fence there some years ago but that has now gone. Someone could easily slip off the footpath and then there is nothing to stop them ending up in the brook. I reported it to the Cheshire East Council after a resident raised the concern. I am very pleased that a fence has been speedily erected by the Cheshire East Council.

The reason for the sheer drop from the fence to the brook is that the brook is eroding away the earth at that bend in the brook. At my request Cheshire East Council is to contact the rivers authority to see if they can take action to prevent further erosion because if it carries on then the new fence could become unstable in years to come.

With best wishes,

Brian Silvester

Cllr Brian Silvester

Tel 01270 567757

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