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Friday 26 March 2010

Crime News and Advice

In the last couple of weeks there have been a number of theft from vehicle offences committed within the Crewe & Nantwich area, with no specific area being targeted. In the majority of these cases access has been gained to the vehicles via an insecure door. Help to beat the opportunist thief by taking advantage of the security features that are in place in your vehicle and by following crime prevention advise in respect of what you leave on show in your vehicle.

Please consider these simple pieces of advice and pass on :

* Ensuring that your vehicle is locked increases the time that it takes an opportunist thief in gaining entry to your vehicle and in doing so increases the likelihood of them being spotted and caught. Take the extra time to check your doors and windows before leaving the vehicle, it'll be worth it in the end.

* If you have a car alarm please use it. The noise alone should be sufficient in scaring a burglar away.

* Wherever possible don't leave items on show in your car. Try and maintain a tidy vehicle and remove anything from clear sight that might catch the eye of an opportunist thief who is passing by. Be mindful that not only seemingly expensive items such as sat navs, cd-players and tools are taken. People stealing from vehicles may break into a car for seemingly random or inexpensive items such as old coats, clothing, handfuls of change, sunglasses, rucksacks.

* Remember that just because you know something left on show is of no value or interest doesn't meant a thief does. A dirty sports kit in a rucksack left on the seat, your used lunch box wrapped in a carrier bag in the foot well etc will no doubt prove of little use to a thief when they find out the contents but if they don't know what is in the bag they may take the chance to break in and see and the subsequent effect on the victim in terms of emotional impact and cost of repair can be great.

Purse Dip Warning at Crewe

Shoppers in Crewe town centre are being warned to protect themselves from purse-dippers.
Police say people need to be sure they are following basic crime-prevention guidelines. If in doubt, they should stop any Police Community Support Officer who is patrolling the area and get advice.
The warning follows more than ten incidents of purse thefts in the past month. Four were reported on one day.
P.C.S.O Paula Davies said, “Purse dippers can be beaten if people take a few simple precautions. In general terms, shoppers need to keep their purses in a zipped bag and carry the bag in a position where they can see it at all times. Never carry it slung behind you or leave it in a shopping trolley!
“Purse alarms are a good deterrent to thieves, and are cheap. Alternatively you can tie a couple of small bells to your purse.
“If you carry money in a wallet. keep it in an inside pocket. You can also help yourself by not carrying large amounts of cash.
“You also need to be sensible about your cards. Despite loads of warnings, some people still carry a note of their PIN numbers in the same purse as the cards. In one of the recent incidents the thief had taken several hundred pounds from a cash point before the owner noticed the purse was missing.
“Purse dippers will often target people who look vulnerable or harassed. So try to keep alert and look in control of things. I and my colleagues spend most of our time on foot patrol, so if you need any advice about staying safe feel free to stop us and ask.

“We believe several different thieves, or teams of thieves, were responsible for these thefts over the past few weeks. Police Officers will do all they can to identify and arrest them but prevention is a much better answer to this sort of issue. Staying aware and taking a few simple precautions will keep them at bay.”

Ten Points to Beat the Purse Dipper:

v Carry your purse inside a closed bag.

v Carry the bag where you can see it.

v Never leave your bag in a supermarket trolley or shopping trolley.

v Get a purse alarm and use it.

v Carry your wallet in an inside pocket in your jacket or coat.

v Do not carry large amounts of cash

v Never carry notes of your PIN numbers.

v Walk with confidence. Avoid looking distracted or confused.

v Be careful in crowded areas. Thieves often jostle victims as a distraction.

v Take care at cash machines. Purse dippers may be lining up potential targets.


Cheshire East Trading Standards are warning local residents to be on their guard.

The announcement follows a series of reports to Trading Standards about home security companies cold-calling across the area.

In some cases, companies have offered to fit alarms for unusually low prices or even for free. Trading Standards are concerned this could then lead to additional costs surrounding the installation and the on-going maintenance of the system.

Cheshire East Council Trading Standards and local police have been contacted by a number of local residents seeking reassurance and advice.

Cheshire East Council Deputy Leader, Brian Silvester, Cabinet Member with responsibility for Safer and Stronger Communities said:

“In these situations, a common-sense approach is called for; if something seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

“Cheshire East Trading Standards encourages local residents to say ‘no’ to all cold-callers. If you are genuinely interested in purchasing an alarm system then always obtain at least three quotes and seek recommendations from friends and family.

“Should you agree to buy an alarm system at home you should be given notice of the right to cancel: this is known as a seven-day ‘cooling off’ period. If you are not given this information you cannot be held to the contract.

“I would ask householders to remain extra vigilant at this time and report any concerns to Consumer Direct on 08454 04 05 06.”

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