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Wednesday 9 September 2020

School Parking and Road Safety Haslington and Weston

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School Parking and Road Safety Haslington and Weston

Good morning,
I hope that you are well.
This message is for those who care for children in the Haslington and Weston area.
Back to school after what has been an usual past few months may be a relief for many of you, but for some the worry continues because of the road safety for their child.
This is where we can work together. We want everybody to feel safe and reassured that their child will be safe coming to and from school. Every parent and guardian has a responsibility to make this happen.
We apologise if this message seems like lots of 'do not's', however these are vital to keep our children and residents safe.
The Dingle Primary School -
- Clay Lane/The Dingle Road Junction - NOBODY must park where the grassed area is. This will put others at risk as it blocks the view of the junction. You WILL receive a ticket if you seen parking at this location.
- Cricket Club Parking - The Cricket Club kindly allows parents/guardians to park at this location, follow their guidance as to where to park based on information on school letters and signage.
- The ZIGZAG yellow lines must be obeyed. They are there for your child's safety and anyone seen parked on them will receive a ticket.
- Primrose Avenue Junction. Do NOT park within 10M of the junction and please show respect for local residents. Anyone obstructing a driveway has the risk of getting towed away.
Haslington Primary School -
- Do NOT park on the double yellow lines outside the school. They are there for your child's safety and Cheshire East Parking Enforcement will be working with us to monitor this area. Tickets will be given out if anyone is seen parked on these.
-Do NOT park on the corner of the One Stop/Fields Road as this makes it very dangerous for both residents, drivers and local school children.
- A red light means STOP. There were several reports of drivers going through red lights when children were crossing. Anyone seen driving in this dangerous way will be dealt with accordingly.
- Please park respectfully around the Pub and do not park in front of residents properties.
Weston Village Primary School -
- Do NOT park on the corner of East Avenue/Cemetery Road, Weston. Tickets will be issued to anyone causing obstruction of the junction.
-Do NOT park on the junction of Poppy Close/East Avenue.
- Do NOT park on Poppy Close and block local residents in their driveways.
We look forward to seeing safer roads for our children to come to and from school.
Thank you for your time.
Kind regards,
PCSO Lizzie Jolley 22582
Haslington Police

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