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Wednesday 23 September 2020

Feel good at Tatton Park this autumn

We’re at the turning point of the seasons, and entering the time of year when days are shorter than nights and the weather can make it harder to venture outside. But this year it’s more important than ever to look on the bright side and feel good about autumn. Tatton Park is the ideal place to embrace the changing season, explore the big outdoors and tune into wildlife.

Animals make us feel happy

It’s scientifically proven that being with animals boosts our mood and can reduce stress levels. Apparently our instinct to nurture and protect also endears us to cute-looking animals. The rare breed pigs, cows and chickens at Tatton Park’s Farm have produced plenty of adorable babies during spring and summer, so why not surround yourself with happiness this autumn, and see how they’re getting on?

Autumn wellbeing in Tatton Park Gardens

We’re a nation of gardeners at the best of times, and lockdown restrictions led to a surge in gardening activity across the country. Spending more time in our gardens doesn’t just keep us busy; it’s great for mental health too. A trip to Tatton Park’s Garden this autumn can help you find a sense of wellbeing and a chance to marvel at the changing leaves and layers of colour. Enjoy seasonal displays of pumpkins and other vegetables from the Walled Kitchen Gardens and trees in the Orchards laden with apples and pears. The culinary squashes are also used in seasonal dishes in the restaurants at Tatton Park.

A special event in the Gardens, from 3 October, celebrates Cheshire’s Wonderful Wildlife, with an open-air gallery of 12 artworks by Nicky Thompson, presented by the Mid Cheshire Community Rail Partnership.

At least nature is carrying on as normal in the Parkland

The natural world and its seasonal cycles are reassuringly consistent. This autumn’s deer rut and the arrival and departure of migratory birds are happening as normal at Tatton Park.

The deer rut is when red deer stags bellow and clash antlers, and fallow deer bucks posture for territory in an age-old bid to win mating rights in their herd. Please witness the thrill of this natural event from a safe distance, as the deer can behave aggressively if you venture too close.

Tatton Park’s meres are a popular stop-off point for migrating birds as they head back to Africa for the winter. They’re also a destination at this time of year for birds journeying down to escape harsher winters in Scandinavia. Look out for hobbies, redwing and fieldfare.

Adventures at Tatton Park this October half term (24 Oct – 1 Nov)*

Gallery in the Gardens (3 Oct - 15 Nov)*

Explore our Gallery in the Gardens presented by the Mid Cheshire Community Rail Partnership and local artist Nicky Thompson. Pick up a wildlife brochure and trail sheet (included with your entry ticket) and fully immerse yourself in the art trail with activities and information on wildlife found in Cheshire.

Explore 50 acres of Gardens and discover Cheshire’s Wonderful Wildlife through 1930's inspired art. Tatton’s Gardens and Parkland provide a natural habitat for a variety of wildlife, many of which you’ll learn about on the art trail. Use the map to discover all twelve illustrations including the red deer, barn owl and fox.

Fun at the Farm

Choose a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch to take home and carve. Plus you can wear your Halloween costume and hunt for Digby the dragon’s eggs throughout the farmyard. There’s even a chocolate reward at the end! (while stocks last).

Explore the Mansion

The Mansion will re-open for half term, allowing visitors a final opportunity this year to visit the opulent State Rooms, fascinating Servant’s Quarters, Japanese Garden exhibition and an exhibition of the last Lord Egerton’s personal photographs.

Adventures in the Parkland

Pick up our free Autumn Forager trail sheet from the Welcome Building and explore the sounds and sights in the Parkland this autumn.

*Tickets must be pre-booked at to visit the Gardens, Farm and Mansion.

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