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Tuesday 15 October 2019

Cheshire East Council staff survey points towards a brighter future

Cheshire East Council staff are more positive about the future of the authority and feel more engaged, valued and supported in their work – according to results from the latest staff survey.

More than 2000 staff took part in the council’s ‘Big Conversation’ employee engagement survey in July 2019.

Employee engagement rose by almost a quarter from 55 per cent in 2016 to 68 per cent according to the latest results.

Other encouraging results include 80 per cent of respondents saying that they enjoy their job, 76 per cent always want to deliver the best they can, 59 per cent feel proud to work for the council and 54 per cent feel valued and recognised for what they can offer.

Increasing numbers of staff (64 per cent) would also recommend the council as a good place to work.

As we would expect in any large organisation, there are some areas where we need to improve, for example only 33 per cent of staff think decisions are made at the right level and 29 per cent when changes are made across the council as a whole, they are usually for the better. 

Kath O'Dwyer acting chief executive said: “It is really encouraging that all the hard work and investment to improve the culture for both staff (and members) is paying real dividends.

“Our vision, values and employee deal have all helped ensure we maintain and more importantly retain a highly motivated, skilled and engaged workforce.”

Other question areas which performed highly:

I am held accountable for my performance – 89 per cent

● I take a personal responsibility to seek out opportunities to learn and develop myself at work – 87 per cent

● My line manager listens to my views and opinions – 83 per cent

● I am clear about what is expected of me – 83 per cent

● My line manager recognises when I have done my job well – 81 per cent

Kath O’Dwyer added “This latest survey provides me, along with the senior leadership team with increasing evidence that the council’s workplace vision of having a shared purpose that staff are supported and well led, staff are treated fairly and valued and that we will succeed together is becoming a reality.

“As part of our transformation programme, we are already working to improve our decision making processes and how we both manage and communicate change and we are committed to improving in all the areas highlighted in the survey.

“Organisational and staff led action plans will be developed and acted upon in the coming months addressing the key issues identified, so we can all look forward to an even brighter future together.”

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