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Tuesday 15 October 2019

Cheshire East Council welcomes climate change campaign

Cheshire East Council has welcomed the climate change campaign issued by Friends of the Earth which enables people to see how climate-friendly their area is.

The online tool, which is driven by postcodes, scores councils across the country on a range of elements including emissions that come from housing and transport, as well as industrial and commercial emissions.

Cheshire East Council’s recommendations are to increasing the use of public transport, cycling, and walking, and improve home insulation and increase renewable energy.

Councillor Sam Corcoran, leader of Cheshire East Council said in response: “This tool gives a good snap shot of where we are currently. I believe that climate change is the greatest challenge facing our generation. We can tackle climate change and win – but it needs to be addressed on an international scale, a national scale, a local scale and an individual scale.

“Since being leader I have appointed Cllr Suzie Akers Smith as a cycling and walking champion and in May 2019, lead the council to recognise the environment and climate emergency declared by parliament.

“Cheshire East Council has set itself an ambitious target of being carbon neutral by 2025. However, the council recognises its only part of the carbon emissions across the borough of Cheshire East.

“We also want to work with our partners, communities, businesses and residents to help them reduce their carbon emissions.

“In my role as chair of the Cheshire and Warrington leaders’ board, we have committed to 10 pledges around climate change and, while they are equally ambitions, I believe they are important for future generations. 

“We have also launched the consultation of the environmental strategy and I urge everyone to have their say on it.”

Councillor Quentin Abel, Cheshire East Council’s climate change champion said: “The draft environmental strategy sets out six ambitious priority areas including being a carbon neutral council by 2025, increasing sustainable transport and travel and sensitive and sustainable development.

“We need your assistance though now, whether you use this online postcode tool or not, anyone who is concerned with the environment – and the challenges ahead – are welcome to have a say on whether we have the priority areas right for Cheshire East.

“We absolutely welcome ideas and enthusiasms from our communities – we are all in this together. These might include tree planting and other forms of carbon capture, local energy schemes, transport solutions, building design and energy capture.

“You have the opportunity to have your say in the consultation, which is now live. Please don’t miss out – if you have ideas, share them and be involved.”

The eight-week long environmental strategy consultation is now live until midnight on 24 November 2019. It can be accessed by visiting:

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