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Sunday 6 October 2019

‘Chatty Tables’ are the talk of the town!

Reporter Jonathan White

Denise & Steve Lawson, owners of the Nantwich Bookshop & Coffee Lounge, have setup 'Chatty Tables' in their shop on High Street in the centre of Nantwich.
Every week on a Tuesday and Thursday morning from 9am to 11am, tables 14 and 15 (ground floor, adjacent to the Barista station), are available for anyone to sit down and talk to other customers. It is hoped that the idea will be useful to anyone who is lonely and could benefit from a bit of company over a cup of tea or coffee.
The 'Chatty Tables' are part of the ‘Compassionate Community Nantwich’ initiative, to address any shortfall in social connectedness and its consequent negative implications for wellbeing and ill health.
The introduction of 'Chatty Tables' follows the 'Suspended Coffees' scheme Denise & Steve also introduced to their shop, where a customer buys a coffee (or any other hot drink) and pays for a second one - which can then be claimed by someone who cannot afford it themselves.
Denise Lawson, Nantwich Bookshop & Coffee Lounge, said: "We already encourage customers to share tables, so the chatty tables are just an extension of the hospitality we offer at the bookshop. We would love anyone in need of company, young or old to come and make new friends over a lovely hot or cold drink.”
For further information please contact Nantwich Bookshop & Coffee Lounge via phone: 01270 611665, email: , or Facebook:

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