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Monday 20 March 2017

90% say Osborne should resign as MP


A UKIP Councillor in Cheshire conducted a one day poll on his twitter account (See below)

Cllr Brian Silvester said,"In just one day 2049 people voted and an overwhelming 90% thought George Osborne should resign, now he is to become the Editor of the Evening Standard in London.Osborne already has 5 jobs,how many more does he want? He is badly letting down his constituents in Tatton in Cheshire. He can't possibly have all these outside jobs and do justice to his most important role,that of representing his constituents in Parliament.

I think he is being extremely arrogant in the way he is clearly planning to be a part-time MP.He should resign and allow someone to be elected who will commit themselves full time to the good people of the Tatton Constituency.

Cllr.Brian Silvester

UKIP Councillor


Cllr.Brian Silvester‏ @CllrBSilvester  29m29 minutes ago

Should George Osborne resign as MP for Tatton in Cheshire,now he's to be Editor of Evening Standard? Yes 90% No 10% 2049 votes He should go

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