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Tuesday 25 October 2016

UKIP Candidate for Crewe West By-Election.


Cllr Brian Silvester has been selected as the UKIP candidate for the Crewe West Town Council by-election on December 1st.

He said," Crewe Town Council has been a Labour Party dictatorship for ever.There has NEVER been any opposition Councillors elected.All that is going to change on December 1st.

UKIP is the main contender to Labour in Crewe Town Council elections.The other parties are nowhere.The way to beat Labour in Crewe is to vote UKIP.

Crewe is in a sad spiral of decline and the Town Council are doing little to arrest that decline.They have doubled their spending of Council taxpayers money in last 3 years, up to £465,000 a year.Crewe residents are asking what happens to all that money because they don't see the benefit of it around the town.The Town Council delivers virtually no services, just allotments,so what is all that money being spent on?"

Two photos attached.

Cllr Brian Silvester 


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