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Tuesday 11 October 2016

Crewe Parking

Enough is enough.Since 2009, when Cheshire East was formed,Crewe and Nantwich residents have been paying excessive car parking charges.In contrast the residents in Sandbach,Middlewich and Alsager don't pay a dime for their car parking and haven't done for seven years.

In Crewe and Nantwich last year the Borough Council took a whopping £1,500,000 in car parking fees.Throughout the Borough they made a massive profit of £2,500,000 on car parking charges.The Council is barred by law from spending these profits on non-highway expenditure.They can't use it to subsidise other loss making departments. Cheshire East should tell us what this £2,500,000 is spent on. It certainly isn't being spent on the ever increasing potholes we have to dodge as we drive around.

The time has come for a fair deal for all Cheshire East residents. We cannot carry on with a situation where some pay through the teeth to subsidise those who pay nowt.That is not fair and cannot be justified.

Finally, where are the Town Councils in Crewe and Nantwich on this? It is about time they stood up for the people they represent. They should be banging on the door of the Borough Council demanding fair treatment on car parking charges. A reduction in fees would help both town centres, but especially in Crewe,which is in danger of dying on its feet.

yours faithfully,

Cllr Brian Silvester

UKIP Councillor

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