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Saturday 3 May 2014

Neighbourhood and Home Watch news

Lock-snappers stole my girlfriend’s car
On Saturday 22nd March, Mark Davies and his girlfriend went out for a meal but when they returned to their home, they found it had been broken into and their car had been stolen from their driveway. Mark’s insurance company stated that it would only replace the snapped locks with like-for-like replacements – meaning his home would be left as at risk as it was before the burglary. Read the full story here. – A toolkit for Neighbourhood and Home Watch
The website was launched in 2011 to provide the public with street-level crime and anti-social behaviour data for their local area. The Home Office has recently designed a toolkit to introduce Neighbourhood and Home Watch members to the website and have produced a number of publicity materials that can be used to help promote the site. Find out more here.
Master Locksmiths Association clarifies lock-snapping standards
You may have seen the episode of Watchdog Test House that aired on BBC One on Thursday 13th March 2014. It dealt with the issue of lock snapping.  Unfortunately some vital information didn’t make the final cut, which the Master Locksmiths Association later explained on their website here.
How sharing are you?
Streetbank, the UK’s biggest neighbourhood sharing website and supporter of NHWN, has just launched a campaign to raise vital funds to support its rapidly growing neighbourhood sharing movement. Read the full story here.
Points of Light
The Prime Minister has launched a new volunteering award - Points of Light. The programme is being managed by the Cabinet Office. The new award recognises outstanding individual volunteers, people who are making a change in their community and inspiring others. Read more here.
Scams Awareness Month 2014
Scams awareness month is about the fight-back against scammers - giving consumers the information, skills and confidence to spot and stop scams. It’s a great opportunity for consumers and campaigners to learn and share then take that knowledge into the year round fight against scams. More information about the campaign is available on our website here.
Be Cyber Streetwise
Be Cyber Streetwise is a campaign that aims to measurably and significantly improve the online safety, behaviour and confidence of consumers and small businesses. You can find out more by clicking here.

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