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Tuesday 28 January 2020

Graffiti - See It Or Hear about It - Report It - Haslington Police

Good afternoon,
We have had an increase of graffiti in the Haslington Village and we need your help to find out who it is vandalising our beautiful village!
In the past couple of weeks there has been graffiti found around Haslington, and it needs to stop!
If you see anyone with a spray can or acting suspiciously around an area where there is graffiti then we urge you to please call 101 or 999 always in an emergency.
Those responsible need to know that there are consequences to their actions and defacing the areas of village is completely barbaric.
So far the side of a church hall building has been defaced as has a charity building.
Please, if you see something or hear anything around the village, please call 101. You can also contact us for non-emergencies on Facebook and Twitter under Haslington Police Facebook/Twitter.
Together we can stop this from happening.
Thank you for your support in advance and please be aware that all information and details stay confidential.

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