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Saturday 13 April 2019

Crewe Town Council Allotments block property and put them in danger

Crewe Town Council are the owners of the Walker St and Ford Lane allotments in Crewe. The rear of Walker st as you can see in the video is reduced by 50%  by bushes and rubbish growing in the allotments not only that it block the drain so water cant run away everyone is in danger as brambles come out onto what left of the path. The Council claim its the allotments to sort this but speaking to them they say its the councils job. A few years ago there were problems with Ford Lane allotments using illegal guard dogs running free and they record CCTV which from there comments picks up people on the street and may record peoples conversation. They must be registered with CIO and have a data controller  which they haven't got or wont tell anyone who it is. The dog signs are back and dogs reported barking this backs onto peoples houses and if guard dogs are running free could enter private property see

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