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Saturday 24 December 2016

Police Commissioner Deputy

I was shocked to learn the Labour Police Commissioner for Cheshire is to more than DOUBLE the salary of his deputy.It is bad enough that the Police Council Tax goes up each year but it is outrageous that we are expected to pay his deputy nearly £1000 a WEEK.The Commissioner never told us that when he was elected a few months ago.

Most of us, who pay the Council Tax increases every year, have not seen a real increase in our wages for 10 years. Despite that, those who increase Council Tax each year expect us to pull in our belts a bit further and cough up.

I think we should make it clear to the Police Commissioner that doubling of salaries is not acceptable. We should start a campaign to stop the appointment being made. Enough is enough.

The Commissioner already has several staff to serve him.He should be making reductions in his budget, just like we have to, to pay the ever increasing Council Tax.

yours faithfully,

Cllr Brian Silvester

UKIP Councillor

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