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Thursday 21 April 2016

Cllr Gardner

  At 1pm on the 14th of April I issued a press release calling for Cllr Gardner to resign as a member of the Cheshire East Cabinet. By 4.30pm that day he had gone.

Cllr Gardner was a director of Fomfest Ltd that went into liquidation owing creditors £440,000. I revealed in my press release that he had been disqualified as a director for 4 years after the company raised over £4000 for charity in 2011 but not one penny went to charity. The money was used by the company instead.

I am pleased he has resigned and done it speedily,unlike Cllr Jones,but he had no choice.For the Council Leader to say she accepted his resignation with 'a heavy heart' is unbelievable.You can't have somebody in charge of the multi million pound Leisure Services who was a director of a company that took over £4000 for charity and did not hand over a penny to the charity. 

I fail to see how a person with this record was ever appointed to be in charge of  Leisure Services in the first place To raise money for charity and then use it for the purposes of a company of which he is a director is a very serious matter indeed. Also leaving unpaid debts of £440,000 will have had a serious impact on those who supplied goods and services to his company but ended up not being paid for them.

Cheshire East Council seems to stumble from one self inflicted crisis to another.

Cheshire East have changed their Leader but what has not changed is the virtual weekly catalogue of disaster after disaster.The good people of Cheshire East deserve better than this.

Cllr Brian Silvester

UKIP Councillor

Nantwich Cheshire

Tel 07760147609

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