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Thursday 20 February 2014

The abandonment of dredging raises concerns about flooding in Cheshire East


Willaston and Rope Ward UKIP Councillor Brian Silvester has found out that none of the rivers in Cheshire East (CE) have ever been dredged by the Environment Agency or the Council and only one, Valley Brook in Crewe,has been de-silted.(See below)

He said," I was shocked  to receive this news.Parts of the Borough, like Nantwich, has flooded in the past and far more needs to be done if we are to properly protect our  residents and businesses from the horror of being flooded. The  current floods in the south of England are the direct result of a deliberate policy created by environmental activists within the EU who put wildlife before humans. These EU green diktats - such as the Water Framework Directive and the Habitats Directive - are the reason why, for example, the Environment Agency decided to abandon the longstanding practice of dredging  and thus allowing areas to flood.

At least as damaging as the EU's environmental directives are its policies regarding waste disposal, as introduced to UK law under the Waste Management Regulation of 1994. Where before, the silt dredged from our rivers could be freely dispersed on farmland as fertiliser, it must now be disposed of at great expense in licensed waste dumps.

We have got to stop being dictated to by the EU and we have got to stop always putting the interests of wildlife before the interest of the residents who live and work in the area. Most people agree that it is sensible to dredge rivers to prevent flooding and the Government should be ordering the Environment Agency and principal Councils like CE to get on and do it  before Cheshire East is hit by a flooding nightmare  like the Somerset Levels and the Thames Valley."

Cllr Brian Silvester BA (Hons)

UWillaston and Rope Ward UKIP Councillor

Cheshire East Council

11 Rimsdale Close



Tel/fax 01270 567757

Twitter @CllrBSilvester

Facebook Cllr Brian Silvester

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