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Sunday 19 January 2014

Another day and another U-turn by Cllr. Jones


  Another day and another U-turn by Cllr. Jones, the Leader of the  Cheshire East Council. He does so many, he must be practising for the next season of Strictly Come Dancing.

The latest example of a complete about turn is over fracking. First of all he proudly states that 'the people of Cheshire East have our assurance that there won’t be any fracking in our Borough.' Within 24 hours he had to withdraw it because anybody with an ounce of knowledge about how Local Government works knew it was a promise that could not possibly be kept.

The Council can't pull up the drawbridge and say they wil not accept any applications for fracking. Councillors are not allowed to pre-determine applications, they must consider each one on their planning merits. If a fracking application meets the Council's planning policies and all the necessary  safeguards are in place  the Council will have to pass it. If they don’t, the applicant will simply go to appeal and gain permission. The Council would probably be liable to pay a large amount of damages, which would have to be paid by the Council taxpayers.

Cllr Jones should stop shooting from the hip and begin acting like a responsible Council Leader should. Cllr Jones has a habit of going round the Borough spreading promises, like confetti, that he knows he can't keep. He tells people what he thinks they want to hear, even though what he promises them is totally unrealistic.

If companies want to invest in the Borough and create jobs and prosperity he should  not be closing the door on them before there is an opportunity to consider what is being proposed. The  interests of local communities need to be protected but you do not do that by making empty promises which it is obvious cannot be delivered on.

Cllr Brian Silvester BA (Hons)

Willaston and Rope Ward UKIP Councillor

Tel/fax 01270 567757

Twitter @CllrBSilvester

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