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Sunday 28 April 2013

Happy Birthday Jax the Alaskan Malamute


This week has been Jax’s Birthday 1 year old above when we got him as a puppy Lots more pictures of him growing up on  Skydrive take a look. He even has his own Blog

We are still trying to work out how big and heavy he will grow I have seen quotes they can reach up to 125lbs
Some even make 180lbs
They are handy if your car breaks down and you need a tow

Jax is following the Alaskan Malamute code which is

If I like its mine
If I saw it first its mine
If its in my mouth its mine
If I can take it from you its mine
If it looks like mine its mine
If I had it a while ago its mine
If you have something and put it down its mine
If I chew something up  the bits are mine
If it used to be yours get over it
If its broken its yours
If you get in my yard you aint getting out
My house my yard your ass another perfect day
Burglars please remove jewellery before entering as the dog cant digest them when he eats you

I dont chew old slippers only new ones


Above You might get in the Yard But you aint getting out now 1 year old and about 8St and walks for 5 hours a day

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