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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Cheshire Police support European speeding campaign


Cheshire Police will be targeting speeding motorists as part of a Europe-wide enforcement campaign.

The initiative is organised by the European Traffic Police Network, TISPOL, and will run from 15-21 April.

The purpose of the campaign is to raise the awareness of road users that reducing your speed can save lives.

According to the Department of Transport, exceeding the speed limit or driving at an inappropriate speed is a major contributory factor in around one third of all collisions on UK roads.

This means that each year inappropriate and excessive speed helps to kill 1,200 people and to injure over 100,000 more.

Road Safety Officer Dave Murray said: "The campaign provides an opportunity for us to raise awareness about the dangers of excessive and inappropriate speed on the roads.

"Excessive and inappropriate speed is a factor in a large number of collisions in which people are killed and seriously injured and we will continue to try to reduce those deaths and injuries by addressing the causes of collisions.

"We take the same approach to speeding all year around, both on and off the motorway. We will be supporting the campaign and the results will be passed on to TISPOL."

Cheshire Police are currently running a separate enforcement operation in partnership with North Wales Police which focuses on motorcycle safety.

Operation Caesar II provides a high policing presence across Cheshire in a bid to reduce motorcycle casualties and has been launched to coincide with a period when a high number of motorcyclists are likely to be on the roads.

Officers will be stopping and engaging with motorcyclists who commit moving traffic offences such as speeding and dangerous riding as well as anti-social offences such as excessive noise.

They will also be dealing with other road users who endanger the lives of themselves and others.

For more information and advice about road safety, visit the Cheshire Police website:

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