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Wednesday 16 January 2013

Dog handlers seek support from the public

PC CRoss and Roco

Cheshire Police are asking local breeders, suppliers and the general public if they would like to donate suitable dogs or bitches for the purposes of training them to work alongside the police dog handlers.

Ideally, the police dog handlers are looking for a German Shepherd or Alsatian dog, or Mallinois dog aged between 12 months and 2 years old. The dog must be confident around people and other animals and enjoy the interaction.

Because of the training that the handlers put the dogs through, it is also essential that the dog meets with the following criteria:-

What makes a good training dog?

- A dog with confidence and with plenty of energy and enthusiasm

- Friendly in nature, i.e., wagging its tail and not aggressive around the public

- Playful − likes to run after a ball once thrown and

- A good nose − as some of the training will focus on searching for and finding toys when they are hidden out of sight

However, please note that dogs that have been reported to the police following any complaints made by the public are not being considered.

For anyone who has a dog they would like to donate, can you please ring and ask for Mike Jones on 01606 362681. For more information on police dogs please visit

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