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Tuesday 9 October 2012

Launch of viral across Cheshire

Cheshire police - drinking still 52scen

An alcohol campaign has been creating intrigue as it launches across Cheshire. The campaign called "Totally Wasted" is the latest initiative being run by Cheshire Police to make young people think about the harm that alcohol can cause.

According to, 1 in 4 teenagers in the North West binge drink. Cheshire Police want to influence young people’s behaviour and the campaign is designed to inform and educate, with messages such as ‘don’t let drink change your behaviour’.

The social media campaign is using, a site for young people, to show two different scenarios. Cheshire based Sophie Yates, 19, Pia Burrow, 17, Amber Ellis, 17 and Charlie Holliday, 19, all have an involvement in the campaign.

After seeing the role advertised on Facebook, Sophie said "I think it’s a really good thing to be involved in because it tells a very strong and important message. Alcohol awareness is an important issue and young people can often be unaware of the dangers of drink"

She added "I very much enjoyed working on the alcohol awareness campaign for Cheshire Police and love getting involved with local projects. I hope the campaign is successful in raising awareness."

Charlie Holliday spoke of her involvement, "I don’t think this will stop people drinking before they go out but it might remind people to pace themselves and not drink quite as much. I’m a student and simply knowing the facts have really made me think about how much I drink and the danger I could be putting myself in. Cheshire Police aren’t saying ‘don’t drink at all but drink responsibly’."

In the run up to Christmas, officers on patrol on the streets of Cheshire’s towns and villages are keen to get across to people how drinking too much can result in a "totally wasted" evening. Alcohol can change your behaviour, and in some people, drinking excessively can make them aggressive and they become violent.

Police officers are called to deal with more and more reported incidents of crime and anti-social behaviour where alcohol is involved. They can all too often take violent and aggressive drunks off the streets who then spend their night in a cell − "wasted night" for the drinker and "waste of police time" as it is preventable. A "wasted life" could result if they end up with a criminal record that will affect the rest of their life.

Cheshire Police want young people to get involved on the social media networks. For more information, please go to and read more about our campaign.

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