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Monday, 22 October 2012

Blocked Fire Exit people in Danger


Once again the stalled build in Oxford st raises its head. Thing have changed as the build at the rear is now a gym and the public use it more than before. But they could be in danger as the fire exit is blocked by rubbish and the fence from the flats so if there is a fire they may not get out. The area is a high fire risk as the chapel that is now the half built flats was burnt down it being one of Crewe’s biggest fires and building behind has a few serious fires.

The key point we have discovered is the developer doesn't own this land he has illegally fenced it off his land ends at the wall of the last flat he is endangering lives by putting up this fence which is full  of his rubbish. You can see in the picture furniture dumped behind the fence and in the alley further down just right for fires with bonfire night coming up.

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