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Wednesday 11 April 2012

Supermarket Challenge or Midnight Walk Help

As Harry Hill would say I like Tesco and I like Asda and Morrisions but which is best there is only one way to find out FIGHT!!!

st lukes
Well no we don’t want a fight but challenge the supermarkets and other local companies to have some fun  get some great publicity for the company and to raise money for a  local worthy cause.

Which of these supermarkets can get the most staff and customers to do the midnight walk and raise the most money for the much needed charity? The walk  is in June so plenty of time to practice and prepare. So which of these will take up the challenge I am waiting to here from Asda and Tesco and I will report back as soon as I here. In the mean time if anyone form these stores reads this they can post a comment below and say there up for it.

Other firms don’t have to feel left out there are plenty of other big firms who can put up teams like B&Q, the Council, Pc World , Aldi. Bentley(Come on Wendy best foot forward get Bentley walking), Blue Bell garage to mention just a few. There is plenty of scope to get involved and help even if you cant get a team. Help is needed on the night, food refreshments and other things so even small companies can do there bit one company the Pickle Jar who run the Queens Park café have offered help.
Details of the walk appeal here 
Details of the walk can be found here and the St Lukes website is here

If you want to give money or more details contact

Jane Thompson

01606 555688

Firms fill out a comment and commit helping below let people know you community  minded

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