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Tuesday 10 April 2012

Parkers Road traveller site

I have tabled a motion asking for the withdrawal of planning application for the proposed traveller site on Parkers Road. I have done so because the government has changed the planning policy for Traveller Sites, established by the previous Labour government, which said Councils had a duty to provide a local site for travellers in their area. The change in policy allows Councils to use the private sector to provide necessary sites.   Cheshire East Council have agreed to take the planning application back to the next meeting of the full Council and will support the motion. 
I believe these changes in policy have been brought about because of the excellent campaign and hard work of the action group CATS, who with the support of Edward Timpson and myself. have been continuously pressuring the Council, and the Government, to have the planning application withdrawn or the policy changed .In that time, over 5000 thousand people signed a petition of protest against this application. I am told that so many people have written to the council objecting to the site, they had to set a new department just to deal with the correspondence. Both CATS and the people who supported the campaign should be proud of what they achieved and are to be congratulated.

Derek Bebbington

Cheshire East Councillor - Leighton Ward

Crewe Charter Trustee

Cheshire East's best looking Councillor

Tel:         01270 522902


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