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Wednesday 4 April 2012

Deputy Chief Constable Retires


Graeme Gerrard, who has just retired as Deputy Chief Constable of Cheshire, describes policing as "the most varied job in the world", even though he spent his entire career with one force.

During his thirty eight years with Cheshire Police he worked in all parts of the county, but his only "moves away" were a period in charge of training at the former Cheshire Police recruitment assessment centre in Aberdovey; two years seconded to the staff of the Police Staff College at Bramshill, in Hampshire and three months on an FBI course in Virginia, USA.

But he says staying in one place did not take anything away from the varied work the job offers.

"You never know what′s going to happen next; you don′t know if it′s going to be OK. Sometimes that can be quite scary and it doesn′t suit everyone, but it has been the best job in the world for me," he says.

Graeme Gerrard was brought up at Willaston, near Nantwich and joined Cheshire Police as a cadet in 1973. He became a Constable two years later. His living accommodation at that stage was in single officers′ quarters in the yard of Widnes police station.

As he rose through the Police ranks he served in Widnes, Chester, Warrington, Runcorn and Northwich, and gained considerable experience as a detective.

Graeme′s decision to stay with one force is increasingly unusual among career police officers but he is "quite happy" with it.

He says, "When I joined as a cadet, if someone had said, ‘ would you be happy retiring as Deputy Chief Constable?′ I would have taken that. Easily."

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