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Friday 23 March 2012

Cheshire Police launch website aimed at young people


Cheshire Police has re-launched its Upbeat website aimed at young people in Cheshire.

The website has been designed to give advice and information to people aged between 16 and 20. The website discusses information that is relevant to these ages and has been written by a young person to convey these messages effectively.

The website gives young people in Cheshire a variety of information including; looking after yourself on a night out, what you need to do when you′re learning to drive and many more. The website aims to prevent people from becoming victims of crime, how to stay safe and not become an offender themselves.

In the future Cheshire Police are hoping to allow the young people of Cheshire to get involved more and more in the Upbeat website by offering interactive polls and blogs.

As the website is aimed at a specific audience, young members of the community were consulted during the design process of the Upbeat site, and on reflection they were happy with the end result.

Multimedia Assistant Jenny van Deursen said: "It was important to get the information across in a way that would be most suitable which is why we wanted the opinions of young people. The website will be developed in the future for other young age groups with information relating to various issues."

At the moment Cheshire Police are running an online poll to see if young people like the site. If you′d like to vote then please visit and let us know what you think.

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