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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Cheshire Police advise people to stay safe this Christmas


The festive period brings times of joy for many people but it may not be a happy time for those who choose to drink too much. This Christmas, Cheshire Police is reminding people to drink responsibly so they don′t put themselves at risk.

During the festive period there tends to be an increase in the number of alcohol related incidents. Cheshire Police advise people to be on their guard and warns that becoming extremely intoxicated can put you at risk. Alcohol can make you do things you wouldn′t usually do, it can lower your inhibitions, you may trust people that you wouldn′t if you were sober.

Chief Superintendent Richard Strachan added: "Christmas is a time for celebrating which can involve alcohol, unfortunately people can get carried away and drink too much. Women and men who have too much to drink leave themselves at an increased risk of becoming a victim of crime. If you don′t keep your wits about you, you can end up losing your property or having it stolen. Before you go out think about how you are going to get home, make sure you save enough money, always stick with your friends and don′t get in unlicensed taxis."

Anyone planning on enjoying a night out this Christmas is also advised to go out dressed suitably for the weather, at worst people are at risk of getting hypothermia or at best just falling over in high heels. Don′t let a good night out turn ugly.

To get the message across to people visiting Warrington Cheshire Police had a digital Ad-van travel around the town centre in a bid to convey the dangers of drinking excessively. If you have seen the Ad-van around and found it to be beneficial please feel free to leave a comment on our website

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