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Thursday 4 June 2009

Brown wheelie bin madness

Another crazy idea from our council or how to waste loads a money. Have you had a note through your door about brown wheelie bins they are now free. Before you had to pay for them to be emptied but thats all gone. Now you can dump your garden waste for free great. The note tells you to keep a look out for your bin in July so get ready to watch for it. In small print it says if you dont want one you must ring up and tell them.

How many people have read the note? If you are like us in our area no one has a garden or if they do its so small that the rubbish would only be once a year or so. So we dont need a bin and dont want one. So I tried to stop mine and I tried and then I tried some more but all you get is an engaged tone from the number 01270 537826.

Can you imagine how few people have read the note and how many bins will be sent out to people who dont want one costing us the tax payer even more money for a service we dont want or need. Half a million bins?

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