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Thursday 25 June 2009

Queens Park

There was a meeting today with the Lottery to discuss the Queens Park restoration So I went to the park to see if anything was happening. In terms of the meeting not a lot was going on and we should find out what happened in the near future. I did grab some snaps of the last of the summer bedding going out.
The gardeners were buzy finishing off the planting in their little orange truck. It will be a couple of weeks before it can be seen in its full color.
Over on the North wall I wondered what the black plastic was for as that is the only place the railings havent been finished. The plastic is to stop the Bats making nest in the wall apparently they have delayed any work on the area as they had nested there. They have had to wait for them to go before they could do any work. The plastic lets them fly onto the wall but not make nest so hopefully work can now begin on the wall

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